Axvoice Website Review & Ratings + Axvoice Coupons
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Axvoice Website Review & Ratings + Axvoice Coupons

Axvoice: Products & Services

Axvoice is a telephone service provider over the internet via broadband connection (voice over IP company) targeting the audience market of USA/Canada. It offers advanced features like virtual phone numbers, portable numbers, E911 service, hosted PBX phone systems, voice mailboxes and call log management over an internet interface.

Axvoice: Company Background

Founded in 2005, the privately owned company is operating from Brooklyn, United States. The services are provided through a range of call plans, residential (USA/Canada or International) and business, providing flexible and low rates. It has been almost 8 years since its establishment and it has made its mark in quality.

Axvoice: Customer Feedback & Reviews

According to the Reviews,  it a phone app of great interest to persons that love technologhy, better quality at about half the price, a best choice, customer support. On the Cnet Review it was said to be one of the best soft phone apps with no con. Axvoice suggested 70% recommend this provider to a friend. No review was on Amazon."Considering all options and pricing, axvoice and their service is best for me. I pay a great price each month and use the service occasionally, but when I do use the phone everything works and that is what I like to pay for, good service and great pricing. I signed up for axvoice after reading some great reviews online about them and then decided it doesn't make sense to pay Comcast well over $35 dollars per month for a phone I don't use that much. My cell phone is my primarily used phone and I don't want to lose my home phone number either that I've had for pretty much over 15 years so I found axvoice and read their service is great and I liked their price a lot. I had to get customer service’s help when it came to an install issue for the router box and they helped me through the problem in minutes and I was up and running. Highly recommend axvoice!As taken from

Axvoice: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

It does not have a BBB rating or accreditation. There seems to be no award or certification given to this service. However it is very popular among the people with respect to its quality and excellent customer service. It has also been feathured on a lot of blogs and website as a great and reliable service, here is a review from that shows its credibility, "Axvoice compares its rates with those of Vonage. . Among the features are phone number portability, VoIP codecs, voicemail, enhanced voicemail, SIP support etc."

Axvoice: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Google Page rank has given this site 4 out of 10. According to Alexa, There are 415,905 sites with a better three-month global Alexa traffic rank than Axvoice. And according to Compete it has 2407 unique visitors. On the competitive rank it comes on the second.This website is getting very popular, they just need to step up on there promotions.

Axvoice: Social Media Presence

Axvoice have a page on Facebook and Twitter which they keep updating twice or thrice in a month. They operate a Blog but it is not very updated. They have 716 likes on their Facebook page and 1447 followers on their Twitter profile but no page on Google+. They have been working hard on the social media front.

Axvoice: Website Security & Safety

They use http:// while making payments. This site has not been listed as suspicious and it is declared safe and secure by the Google Diagnostic check. It has not been found to host or carry any malicious or destructive software over  the past 90 days. There is no indication of fraud etc.

Axvoice: Pricing & Packages

There is a range of call plans with various options of monthly/yearly fees and/or call rates. The best home phone service plan is $8.25/month and the ideal business plan is $24.99/month, 200 minute plan for only $14.99/month. It is half the price as compared to their competitors like Vonage.

When you subscribe for $5 a month, you get calls for 1.5 cents. You only pay for calls you make. You can use your account as a calling card, with no monthly fee. For 200 minutes within the US and Canada, it is $6 monthly and unlimited calls to the US and Canada come for $8.25 monthly. Calls to other Axvoice customers are free

Axvoice: Shipping Rates & Policies

The shipping charges are only $19.99 which is reasonable however these shipping are made only to US and Canada. However they have not clearly pointed out their shipping policies and rates if the shipping has to be made to some other country, as they operate in US and Canada only.

Axvoice: Payment Methods Accepted

They accept Visa, Master, American Express and Discover cards. Debit/check cards with the logo of one of these providers are also accepted. They are working to start accepting PayPal. But they don’t accept any other mode of payment other than credit cards like EbillMe, BillMeLater, E-Check, EFT, QPass as yet.

Axvoice: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The monthly service and phone adapter (if purchased from Axvoice) charges are refundable but Activation and Shipping fees are non-refundable, so if you have an issue with the service you will not be compensated. If one exceeds 200min of usage in the first 15 days the 1st month is not refunded. This warranty does not apply to BYOD option.

Axvoice: Product images & screenshots
Axvoice Coupons
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